Bankmed National Pensioner Project for 2018

To ensure our pensioner members are in the best possible health, Bankmed runs our National Pensioner Project* each year. We collaborate with Biofitt Wellness to bring pensioner members quality and convenient wellness tests, preventive screening and vaccinations in the comfort of their homes. Part of our vision for the Project is to show appreciation for pensioners. They may no longer be a part of the workforce, but we wish to recognise their service by offering the best wellness and preventive care.


We have informed our pensioner members to expect a friendly call soon. During the call our consultant will explain why the screenings are important and answer any questions they may have. They will also be able to schedule an appointment for a registered nurse or biokineticist from Biofitt Wellness to come to their home to administer the tests and vaccinations. If they do not want the tests to be done at home, pensioners have the option of visiting their GP or pharmacy for the service. They have to give their permission for the tests to be run.


What does the Pensioner Project entail?

The Pensioner Project is a bundle of wellness screening and preventive vaccinations.


It involves:


  • Personal Health Assessment (PHA): This is a combination of questions about the member’s health, and measures various health indicators such as cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index (BMI).
  • HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing (HCT)
  • Flu vaccination: Pensioner members need to get a flu vaccination every year since the vaccine only protects against that year’s strain of flu.


We cover the costs in full

Bankmed pays for all the tests, vaccinations and equipment like cotton swabs and needles from the Insured Benefits annually. This means taking advantage of this offer will neither affect pensioner members’ day-to-day benefits nor their medical savings.


Yours in good health

The Bankmed Team